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Making use of intercom systems

Intercom systems are crucial for home security. The systems take various forms, and they have become a popular component of home security in the modern world of technology. Honestly, technology is improving while the costs are going down.

Why do you need a wireless intercom system?

The systems offer the best way to convey information with the people in your villa or residential home, or when you are at the front door. Additionally, intercom systems enhance peace of mind in case of an emergency which requires a swift response.

Distinct from the traditional systems, it is easy to install wireless systems, and they also need no extra costs. Additionally, there are fewer risks associated with these systems because they do not have wires. Currently, there are many forms of intercom systems, ranging from basic walkie-talkie systems to those systems that enable global communications.

Top 6 Wireless Home intercom systems

This is a multi-purpose component that has a variety of features, such as connection to numerous apps. It enhances both audio and video calls. It also has voice control and hand-free function, which make it the leading device in the market


  • It is compatible with Alexa
  • It enhances control of voice
  • It can play video and audio
  • Can function as an intercom, baby monitor and as a phone.


  • Identifies and connects with WiFi.
  • It is costly

2. Samcom 20-channel wireless intercom system

Intercom system for home in Dubai

This device is best known for its multi-channel capability. It offers a secure connection of more than 20 channels; making it suitable for group calls.


  • It supports secure connections
  • Portable
  • Expandable


  • Short range

3. Hosmart 1500FT

This is mostly known for its portability feature. It has an excellent communication capacity up to a range of half a mile without interruptions. It is applicable for both outdoor and indoor use.


  • High range
  • It is portable
  • It has a rechargeable battery
  • Expandable


  • It is limited to 7 channels

4. Infant Optic DXR-8

This device is ideal for monitoring babies at home. It has night vision capability, sound and motion activation. Moreover, it can sense room temperature.


  • It has an adjustable camera
  • Long range
  • Night vision
  • Long battery life
  • Lenses can be interchanged


  • It supports a single secure channel

5. 7-inch wireless door phone intercom system

Wireless Intercom system for home in Dubai
Wireless Intercom system for home in Dubai

It has a smart doorbell and night vision capacity. It supports two-way intercom ability.


  • High video resolution
  • Night vision
  • Wide display
  • Easy to install
  • It is waterproof


  • Short range

6. TekeyTBox 1800-Feet

This wireless intercom device offers one-to-one audio calls. It has a secure connection of 10 channels that cover a wide area.


  • Easy to install
  • Long range
  • Ten secure channels


  • It is not portable

Buying Guide

Wireless door phone Intercom system for home in UAE
Wireless door phone Intercom system for home in UAE

A wireless home intercom system refers to devices which support communication among people or a group of people. The people do not need to be near each other. Connection in these devices is established through the home WiFi network or any other encrypted channel. When buying these systems, you need to consider the following key features: the audio, the video, and the power source.

We can help you decide

  • Which intercom system you need
  • The location of the indoor video monitor
  • A package that meets your budgets
  • Free on-site estimates

Know who is at the door prior to opening it

You can securely identify a visitor before you open the door. When the bell has been triggered to ring, the unit will convey an audio and video signal to a monitor in the house. It is important to feel secure and safe within the home in all the single and multifamily residences.

Home security

Screen visitors

Residential applications entailed screening the visitors before you allow them access into the home and communicating the specific needs of the visitor. Our solutions offer convenience to homes by placing master stations in the most used areas at your home to allow you to see who is at the door and then decide whether you want to open it or not.

While you were out of your home

Whenever a visitor rings your bell, it stores a picture with the date and time stamp that will show who and what time and date someone was at your door. In that way, you can see whoever came to your door even when you are not near your home. It helps to deter the-would be burglars.

No longer open to strangers

Having a video intercom can help to make you feel safe when a stranger rings the bell at your door. Your children can also see who is at the door before unlocking the door. This will prevent unauthorized access to your home, something that will give you peace of mind that the family members are safe at all times.

Contact us for a free estimate. Our technicians can help you to determine the best residential intercom system for your villa or apartment.

We are offering a variety of intercom systems:

  • Audio and video intercom systems
  • Wireless and wired intercom systems
  • Doorbell Buzzer systems
  • Office intercom systems
  • Room to room intercom systems

Intercom installation and delivery of services for the United Arab Emirates

Starting from the design to repair, maintenance and support.

Our services include the following:

  • Custom design and installation
  • Onsite assessment
  • Repair and maintenance

Wired vs. wireless systems

You can choose any of the above systems. They offer the same functioning capability, and the only difference is in the connectivity and installation. 

The favorite choice is Video intercom systems

When compared with the audio intercom systems, the video intercom systems are advantageous. The users can see and identify the visitors to the building or apartment before opening the doors for them.

These systems can be linked with mobile devices for viewing through Android and iOS mobile applications.