Fiber Optics

Our Fiber Optic Installation Services are designed to keep you ahead of the curve and future-proof your entire operations. At Purple Rock, we have the experience, dedication, and knowledge to help you improve your IT infrastructure and enable you to leverage the highest quality Optical Fiber Cable Services in UAE.

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Partner with the Leading Fiber Optics Service Provider in Dubai

Purple Rock offers the highest quality Fiber Optic Cabling Installation Services in Dubai and has worked with a limitless number of clients in Dubai, UAE, and beyond. As a leading provider of Fiber Optic Cabling Solutions in Dubai, our primary goal is to help businesses of all sizes and industries optimize their operational efficacy.

Over the years we have handpicked a group of experienced and skilled professionals who are trained and equipped to meet all your needs and help you integrate customized tech-based solutions into your strategic planning. With our wide range of Fiber Optic Installation Services, every business will have a chance to unlock its full potential in today’s competitive landscape.

Does Your Organization Need Fiber Optics & Solutions?

Here is a list of Fiber Optic Installation Services we provide at Purple Rock:

  • Single-mode fiber is used for long distance connections and offers higher bandwidth alternative solutions. 
  • Multimode fiber is generally used for shorter distances but it delivers better data transmission systems leading to decreased signal loss, reduction or interference,
  • OM3 is a kind of laser optimized multimode fiber, capable of covering distances up to 300 meters.
  • OM4 is a laser-optimized multimode fiber capable of 10 GB Ethernet out to 550 meters.
  • Plenum is an electrical cable often used in buildings that comes with low smoke and low flame characteristics.
  • Fiber backbone installation is the process of connecting fiber optic cables and infrastructure for high-speed data transmission within a network.
  • Fiber optic OTDR testing and certification is among widely used Fiber Optic Cabling Solutions in Dubai that will be conducted to measure and analyze the quality, performance, and characteristics of your fiber optic cables.

Types of Fiber Optic Connectors

  • Straight tip connectors (ST) are connectors used in fiber-optic cables that utilize a bayonet-style plug which makes it a great choice for networking applications.
  • Ferrule Core Connectors (FC) are fiber-optic connectors with specialized features used in high-vibration environments.
  • Lucent Connector (LC) is a type of fiber-optic SC connector offering reliable and high-density connections.
  • Standard Connectors (SC) is one of the most popular Fiber Optic Cabling Solutions in Dubai that uses a push-pull latching mechanism and is typically integrated into datacom and telecom applications.
  • Multi-Position Optical (MPO) Connectors are fiber connectors composed of multiple optical fibers that are often used to terminate multi-fiber ribbon connections in data center environments.
  • Enterprise Systems Connection (ESCON) is a data connection designed and developed by IBM used to improve connections in large networks.
  • Mechanical Transfer Registered Jack (MT-RJ) is a connector used for fiber optic cables, premise infrastructure, LANs, and telecommunication networks.
  • VF45 Connectors are duplex connectors designed to enhance network performance.